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火星哥新专辑24K Magic

作者:佚名    文章来源:本站原创    更新时间:2016/10/19

火星哥新专辑24K Magic
Sometimes, when a musician takes a long break from making music, their older work remains at the top of fans’ playlists, who perhaps keep listening in anticipation of a follow-up. And 31-year-old multiple Grammy Award-winning American singer Bruno Mars is certainly one of these artists. Even during this year’s season of US TV singing talent show The Voice, many *contestants chose to sing Mars’ songs in almost every episode.

Finally, after a three year’s hiatus, the star is back in the spotlight again. On Oct 7, the singer dropped the title track from his upcoming album, 24K Magic, as his first single in four years, which was also accompanied by a video. “Excited to announce 24k Magic,” Mars said on his Instagram account. “You can call it my first single, but I call it the invitation to the party.” His upcoming third studio album will be released this year on Nov 18.
沉寂三年之后,这颗巨星最终再次回到聚光灯下。10月7日,马尔斯公布了他即将发行的新专辑《24K Magic》中的同名单曲及MV。而这也是他四年来的首支单曲。“我很激动地宣布,《24K Magic》要和大家见面了,”马尔斯在他的Instagram账户上写道。 “你可以称它为我的首支单曲,但我把它视作派对的邀请函。”他的第三张录音室专辑将于今年11月18日发布。

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since Mars’ last major release. Unorthodox Jukebox (2012), which peaked at No 1 on the Billboard 200 list, included the hits Locked Out of Heaven and Treasure. But after such a long wait, 24K Magic is poised to give the singer’s *trademark Funk a flashy makeover.
很难相信,距马尔斯上一次主打发行已经差不多四年了。 他的专辑《Unorthodox Jukebox》(2012)曾登顶《公告牌》杂志的200强专辑榜,其中收录了如《Locked Out of Heaven》 和 《Treasure》等热门歌曲。但经过如此漫长的等待之后,《24K Magic》据说会是对他标志性的放克曲风一个华丽的转变。


“The words 24K Magic might not have been familiar, but everything *gleaming inside of it–the glittery disco synths, the cheesed-up vocoder flourishes, the popped-collar call-and-responses – certainly was,” Billboard’s Jason Lipshutz commented. “That doesn’t make Mars’ grand return any less exciting, or 24K Magic any less impressive.”
“或许你对《24K Magic》并不熟悉,但其中的一切都是亮点——闪闪发光的迪斯科合成音效、令人激动不已的声码合成,嬉皮风格的前后呼应,”《公告牌》杂志的杰森•利普舒茨评论道。 “这将使马尔斯的重磅回归更加令人兴奋,也让《24K Magic》更令人印象深刻。

Unlike his mom-and-kid-friendly *singalong music videos–Grenade, Just the Way You Are and The Lazy Song –24K Magic celebrates glitz and *glamour, featuring scenes of jet-setting, gambling and drinking. “I’m a dangerous man with some money in my pocket,” Mars warns in the track’s lyrics.
与先前《Grenade》、《Just the Way You Are》以及《The Lazy Song》等老少皆宜的流行金曲MV不同,《24K Magic》展现了浮华奢靡的魅力以及赌博酗酒的奢侈场景。 “我可是个超有钱的危险男人,”马尔斯在歌词中唱到。

The past four years has also seen the singer graduate from emerging artist to inspired musical *maven. Not only does he write his own lyrics, the star also plays major roles in producing, *collaborating and performing both behind the scenes and in front of the audience.

Mars co-wrote Adele’s 25 track All I Ask, and also co-produced the 2014 smash Uptown Funk with English singer Mark Ronson, which later became the second-most enduring chart-topper in history. In the same year, he also co-performed with US singer Beyoncé and UK group Coldplay during the iconic Super Bowl halftime show.
马尔斯共同创作了阿黛尔的专辑《25》中的《All I Ask》,并与英国歌手马克•朗森共同操刀制作了2014年轰动一时的《Uptown Funk》,这首歌曲后来创下了占据榜首第二长的历史。同年,他还与美国歌手碧昂斯及英国酷玩乐队在超级碗比赛期间进行中场表演。

This year, despite being busy with his upcoming album, Mars also found time to team up with US Grammy Award-winning musician Skrillex to work on some yet-unreleased music.

“We’ve been working on it for about a year, trying different ideas and experimenting,” Skrillex told Billboard. “What we’re doing is so different, awesome and next level and sounds like nothing else that’s happened before.”
“我们已经合作了大约一年的时间,尝试了不同的想法,做了许多试验,”史奇雷克斯在接受《公告牌》杂志采访时表示。 “我们所做的是如此地与众不同、无与伦比,而这也是一个前所未有的新起点。”

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